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Pool Service


$300 Swimming Pool Opening


Picture Perfect Pools will:

  1. Reinstall pool fittings, and equipment.
  2. Remove the pool cover and rinse, ready for Summer storage. 
  3. Get the pumps ready and check for any damage to lining and plumbing
  4. Add Opening Chemical Kit if desired. Client is responsible for testing water once circulated to ensure it is balanced.
  5. And Much More!
  6. Will vaccum pool for 1 hour for additional charge

Picture Perfect Pools offers these spring pool opening services and more.

*If customer has Automation System or In-Floor Cleaning system there will be a $50 opening surcharge 

Pool Service


Weekly Service $90

We offer weekly and bi-weekly swimming pool maintenance packages, which include:

  • Complete Maintenance Service;
  • Test and balance water chemistry;
  • Skim pool surface;
  • Vacuum pool/spa;
  • Backwash your pool filter after vacuum;
  • Remove scum line;
  • Visual inspection of pump/filter/heater;
  • Salt cell inspection and cleaning (if applicable);
  • Chemicals are dropped off and invoiced, if required.

NOTE: Chemicals are extra.

Put away the worries of keeping your swimming pool clean and safe by calling our technicians to book an appointment today. We will dispatch our skilled team of professionals to estimate the scope of work and will provide you with a quote before any work begins.

We have used Picture Perfect Pool for the past couple years. They are miles ahead of the other pool company we dropped.. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a new pool service.